Note: The American Creativity Association does not endorse the content or position or policies recommended or reflected in the following interviews. We publish these interviews as a public service to ACA's membership and others interested in the many ways by which creativity is applied in important sectors of our society.

Written Interviews

Tom Tresser, Lead Organizer, The Creative America Project
interviewed by Sherry Minnard Rappaport

Podcast Interviews

Adam Blatner - Teacher / Writer, Senior University
Cheryl Honey - Founder, Community Weaving
Randall Macon - Innovation Director, Lance Armstrong Foundation
Carol McCormick - Story Teller & Trainer, SpiritMind Institute
Ann Herrmann Nehdi - CEO, Herrmann International
Alex Pattakos - Director, Center for Personal Meaning
Kirpal Singh - Faculty, Singapore Management University
David Pearce Snyder - Consulting Futurist

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