Creativity Tools
Change is only a waste to those who didn't learn from it.

7 Levels Right
- To do away with what’s in the way of right, stop doing what’s wrong.

7 Levels Work - Rolf Smith's 7 Levels of Change at work tool

Be Attitudes - BE attitudes for positive change

Be Become - You can’t do what you’ve never done until you be what you’ve never become

Candy – The famous Change Candy exercise

Change is… - Group exercise that diffuses the mystery of change

Change Within - A business-personal look at change

Community Change - Observations around change used a a dialogue tool

Diversity Scavenger Hunt - Includes both an interview and an innerview piece

In the Way - Small piece inspired be Rolf Smith’s "The way it is is in the way."

Mindshift Change Model - Profoundly simple. How’s your thinking about your thinking coming along?

Top 10 Change - Top 10 observations about change

Wholeheart - The antidote to fatigue is not rest. It’s whole-heartedness.

Change 3 Things

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