Creativity Tools
The handshake between need to know and need to share

Assumption Exercise - Grow an awareness assumptions the help and hinder understanding

Blooper Book - Convert your mistake into a battle cry for quality

Carefrontation - Win-win process when personal boundary has been crossed

Communication & Chaos 2 Creativity - Writing keeps you honest -- you don’t hide from yourself

Conflict Resolution - Corporate method/agreement on handing conflict

Dialogue Tips - Manager tips for promoting corporate dialogue

Dialogue Card - Used during session, 16 dos and don'ts

Dialogue Facillitation - Tips for the one facilitating dialogue

Dialogue Tool - William's Issac's model of dialogue

Ettoufee - Recipe tool for disaster to help you achieve successFAKE Listening- Faking it can fool you into listening more

Gee That's Interesting - Great little way open up a discussion

Harness Conflict - Get the team talking about the nature of conflict

Learning Listening - Ten learnings on listening

Level 3 Listening - 7 minute exercise attempting Gazda level 3 listening

Lovitt Laser Conf Call - Create power-packed conference calls

Popcorn Exercise - Use random thoughts to open up personal sharing

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