Creativity Tools
Learning is that gift which takes a concept which is foreign to your own thinking and makes it personally yours.

Be Something - Learn to be something

Characterizing - Tool for helping a leader develop their vision

Visioning Example - Managers vision using the tool

Control - Tool for learning what you control, or don't

Envisioning - It doesn't stop the waves, just resets its course then outlasts them
Four Elements Vision - Test of a vision statement

Good Leaders

Illiteracy - Quick notes taken at Bob Lloyd’s Overcoming Numerical Illiteracy

Integrity - 55 statements captured in a Servant Leadership homebase

Ladder Lessons - The wall you lean your ladder on determines your destination

Learning - The worst risk of learning is looking like a fool

Learning 2 Lead - Awesome piece by USAF Maj. Gen. Perry Smith

Legacy - What are you leaving behind?

Pollinator - We all pollinate: some for good, some not so good.

Satisfied Soul - Satisfied soul will learn no new thing

Servants Heart - We all serve a master

Serve Me - Life is full of people at different stages of self

Share Leadership - Great insight from Tim Porter O'Grady

So What - Another Rolf Smith tool that converts learning to action

Sticky Wall - Great collective tool used to refine the leadership in each of us

Teaching - Rather than a set of How-tos, these are a set of Why-nots

Top 10 Empowered Learner - Empowered learning enables the learner to stay naturally evolving

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