Creativity Tools
Personal Growth
If you aren't growing personally,
it doesn't matter if you're growing professionally.

Appreciating - Appreciating grows the value of things simply by being thankful

Baldrige Growth - Converting the Baldrige quality criteria into a ‘growth’ examination.

Befriending - It need not change another in order to be okay with itself.

Casual Forgiveness - Causal Loop Diagram on Forgiveness Being -- Being is having the inside match the outside.

Empowerment Circle - Diagram on empowerment from Vicki Connell

Drivers Diluters - Way of examining what powers and what deflates you

Growth Thoughts - 75 of them

Perception - Altering what impacts you by impacting what you can alter

Salty - Lesson on perception that came from a Cracker Jacks box.

Sharing - For interest, replace the word sharing with teamwork

Timeless Beauty - Seven good looking habits from Tom McMullen

Top 10 Slow Down - How do you put the brakes on to keep time from whirring by?

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