Creativity Tools
Thinking is the most involuntary of the body reflexes.

Thinking Assessment - Assessment tool to run before and after the series

Notice Your Noticing - The beginning of thinking about your thinking

Collecting Popcorn Thoughts
- Catching thoughts before they drop

Ten Tip Thinking - To understand something...write 10 things about it

Think On Purpose - This is forcing thought around a single topic

7 Level Thinking - Use Rolf Smith's 7 Levels of Change require new thinking

Positive Thinking - It's a choice and a developed skill

Dialogue - William Isacc's model of thinking together

Think Again - Thirty eight ways to think deliberately

Thought Concentrate - To the degree' conditional thinking...try it out

Titanic - It was’t an iceberg that sunk Titanic, it was its thinking

Thinking - Thinking digs deeper to find the solution few dive for

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